Dynamic Quantum Matter, Entangled orders and Quantum Criticality Workshop
Dates: June 18- June 19, 2018


UConn, NSF, Nordita, Villum Center for Dirac Materials, Institute for Materials Science – Los Alamos, Wiley Publishers

Confirmed Invited Speakers and Talks

Premi Chandra (Rutgers)
“Quantum Annealed Criticality”

Jason Haraldsen (UNF)
“Investigating magnetic Dirac boson in a honeycomb and Kagame lattices”

Beena Kalisky (Bar-Ilan University)
“SQUID microscopy of interfaces”

Jeremy Levy (PITT)
“One-dimensional nature of superconductivity at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface”

Peter Littlewood (U. Chicago)
Metal Insulator Transitions and Superconductivity close to criticality

Rohit Prasankumar (LANL)
“Nonlinear Optics: A Powerful Tool for Studying Topological Materials”

Kamran Behnia (ESPCI-Paris)
“Interplay of superconductivity and ferroelectricity in oxygen-reduced-calcium substituted strontium titanate”

Kazushi Kanoda (U-Tokyo)
“Strongly correlated massless Dirac fermions in organic conductors”

Peter Johnson (BNL)

Jagadeesh Moodera (MIT)

Susanne Stemmer (UCSB)
“Quantum Criticality, Magnetism, and Berry Phase in Doped EuTiO3 Films”

Ignace Jarrige (BNL)

Matthias Geilhufe (Nordita)
“Odd-frequency superconductivity as a symmetry breaking phase: the quest for materials examples”

Charles Ahn (Yale)
The materials Physics of Complex Oxides Interfaces

Keith Nelson (MIT)
“THz driving of low-frequency modes and quantum phase transitions”

Alexander Balatsky (UConn)

Barrett Wells (UConn)

Gayanath Fernando (UConn)

Ilya Sochnikov (UConn)
“SrTiO3 response to uniaxial strain near quantum phase transition”

Daniel Mazzone (Brookhaven National Lab)
Distinct valence transitions in Y doped SmS

Kirsty Dunnett
Dynamic multiferroicity of a ferroelectric quantum critical point

Vladimir Juricic
Quantum phase transitions and transport in interacting Weyl and Dirac semimetals



The conference will focus on entangled and non-equilibrium orders in quantum materials. The 21st century marked the revolution of probing matter at the nano- to mesoscale and these developments continue to be the focus of active research. We now witness equally powerful developments occurring in our understanding, ability to probe, and manipulate quantum matter, in entangled orders and novel states, in the time domain. Recent progress in experimental techniques including x-ray optics, optical pumping, time resolved spectroscopies (ARPES optics), and in cold-atom systems has led to a resurgence of interest in the non-equilibrium aspect of quantum dynamics. The novel entangled orders that have nonzero “overlap” with more than one order parameter also have emerged as an exciting new direction for research in quantum matter. Entangled orders go beyond the conventional orders such as density and spin, and significantly expand the possible condensates we can observe. It is only because of the lack of experimental control, resolution, theoretical framework, and computational power, that the realm of entangled and quantum non-equilibrium remained largely unexplored until now. The time has come for us to turn full attention to these phenomena. Specific topics include: superconductivity and dynamics near quantum criticality, composite orders in correlated materials, effects of strain on quantum critical points, and superconductivity in STO. This conference will have a format of topical lectures, while leaving ample time for discussions.


Gurney’s Resorts | Newport, RI

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 TIME  June 18th  June 19th
 8 – 9 am  Breakfast
 9 – 9:15 am  Introduction
 9:15 – 10 am  Talk 1   Talk 8
 10- 10:45 am  Talk 2   Talk 9
 10:45- 11:30 am  Talk 3  Talk 10
 11:30 – 1 pm  Lunch break  Lunch break
 1 – 1:45 pm  Talk 4  Talk 11
 1:45 – 2:30  Talk 5  Talk 12
 2:30 – 3 pm  Coffee break  Coffee break
 3 – 3:45 pm  Talk 6  Talk 13
3:45 – 4:15 pm  Talk 7  Talk 14
4:15 – 5 pm  Round Table, Wrap Up  Round Table, Wrap Up
5-6 pm  Poster Session
7 pm  Dinner


A. Balatsky: balatsky@hotmail.com

I. Sochnikov: ilya.sochnikov@uconn.edu

G. Fernando: gayanath.fernando@uconn.edu